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General informations about Czech Republic

  • Country name: Czech Republic
  • System of government: Parliamentary republic (two chambers), head of state – President
  • Established: January 1, 1993 (former Czechoslovakia established in 1918)
  • Capital city: Prague, population: 1.16 million
  • Membership: EU, UN, Council of Europe, OSCE, NATO
  • Number of inhabitants: 10.3 million (women 51.3 %, men 48.7 %)
  • Population density: 131 people / km2
  • Ethnic groups: Czech (90.4% or 9.25 million); Moravian (more than 380,000); Slovak (193,000); Roma (171,000); Silesian (11,000); Polish (52,000); German (39,000); Ukrainian (22,000); and Vietnamese (18,000)
  • Official language: Czech
  • Religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant
  • Average age: women 77, men 70
  • Average life expectancy: women 78.5, men 72.3
  • Largest cities: Prague (1.2 mil. inhabitants), Brno, Ostrava, Plzeň, Olomouc
  • Regions: The Capital City of Prague, Central Bohemian Region (Prague), South Bohemian Region (České Budějovice), Plzeň Region (Plzeň), Karlovy Vary Region (Karlovy Vary), Ústí nad Labem Region (Ústí nad Labem), Liberec Region (Liberec), Hradec Králové Region (Hradec Králové), Pardubice Region (Pardubice), Vysočina Region (Jihlava), South Moravian Region (Brno), Olomouc Region (Olomouc), Moravian-Silesian Region (Ostrava), Zlín Region (Zlín)
  • Area: 78 864 km2
  • Physical attributes of the country: landlocked country, mainly made up of hills and highland areas
  • Borders: total length 2,300 km, with Germany 810 km, with Poland 762 km, with Austria 466 km, with Slovakia 252 km
  • Average temperature: January: - 3 °C (26.6 F); July: 20-24 °C (68 F)
  • Average height above sea-level: 430 m
  • Highest point: Sněžka 1,602 m
  • Lowest point: Hřensko 116 m
  • Longest rivers: Vltava 433 km, Elbe 370 km, Dyje 306 km
  • Biggest pond: Rožmberk 4.89 km2. In the middle ages (16th century) 21,000 ponds in Bohemia, today around a quarter remain
  • Biggest dam: Lipno 48,7 km2
  • Ground cover: 33 % forested, 40 % arable land 11 % pasture, 16 % other
  • National Parks: Czech “Switzerland”, Krkonoše (Giant Mountains), Podyjí, Šumava
  • Transport: a dense railway network (9 454 km), seven major toll motorways :
    D1: Prague–Brno
    D2: Brno–Slovakia
    D3: Prague–Tábor–České Budějovice– Austria (under construction)
    D5: Prague–Plzeň–Germany
    D8: Prague–Ústí nad Labem–Germany
    D11: Prague–Hradec Králové–Poland (of 154 km 42 km in operation)
    D47: Lipník nad Bečvou–Ostrava–Poland (under construction).
    STATE OBSERVED holidays:
    On these days, public transport is drastically reduced. Bank and state offices are closed.
    January 1st – New Year
    Easter Monday – a fluctuating holiday – always the first Monday after the first Spring day of Spring, March 21st
    May 1st – Labour Day
    May 8th – Liberation from Fascism Day
    July 5th – Cyril and Methodius Day
    July 6th – John Hus Day
    September 28th – Day of Czech Nationhood
    October 28th – Day of the Foundation of Independent Czechoslovakia
    November 17th – The day freedom and democracy were fought for
    December 24th – Christmas Eve
    December 25th – Christmas Day
    December 26th – Boxing Day

  • Czech Republic Coat-of-Arms has four fields. The individual fields symbolize the historic lands of the Czech Republic – Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia while the fourth one represents the Republic as a whole. In the upper left, there is a leaping silver double-tailed lion with a gold crown on a red background. In the upper right, a red-silver checked eagle with a gold crown is set on a blue background. In the lower left field, there is a black eagle with red armour and a golden crown on a gold background. A silver half-moon with salient terminated by clover leaves decorates the black eagle. The lower right field repeats the upper left field, with the double-tailed lion.
  • The Czech flag: is made up of a blue wedge on the left and a lower red stripe and an upper white stripe
  • State colour: white, red and blue

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